Hallie McCormick

Location: São Paulo, Brazil

Village Capital Partner: Artemesia

Hallie McCormick is a native of New Mexico, where she received her undergraduate degrees in Political Science and Portuguese. She worked as an editor for a newswire service before joining AmeriCorps. During her time in the program, she served at Albuquerque’s groundbreaking Native American Community Academy, assisting with fundraising/development and Spanish instruction. She is a fourth-semester candidate for a Masters in International Development at The Monterey Institute of International Studies.

Hallie recounts her first experience with impact investing as a frustrating one, jumping into the Frontier Market Scouts practicum without any ‘business’ experience.  But after an intensive practicum with seasoned professionals from the impact investing and social enterprise sectors, she feels more than prepared to dive into her FMS field placement in Brazil.  Hallie will be working with a startup that recently won the Village Capital Brazil investment, and is excited to continue learning about the relationship between business and social and economic development.

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