Jennifer Billings

Location: Mexico City, Mexico

Village Capital Partner: New Ventures, Mexico (part of the World Resources Institute)

Jennifer is an International Policy Studies student alumna from the Monterey Institute of International Studies.  While at MIIS, Jennifer participated in various activities such as conducting field research in Chile and presenting at the International Communication Association conference in Turkey.  Jennifer is also the founder of a non-profit called Mejorando Juntos, a Clinton Global Initiative University Commitment.  Jennifer has a strong background in business development and non-profit management with organizations such as Tucson Electric Power and the American Liver Foundation and continues to conduct meaningful work in the San Diego – Tijuana region where she is from.    

As a Frontier Market Scout in Mexico, Jennifer will be working to promote a future Village Capital Mexico Program and connecting entrepreneurs and impact investors with the tools they need to achieve cost-efficient deal flows.  To begin her trip, she will be representing Frontier Market Scouts and Village Capital at the Latin American Forum on Impact Investment in Mexico City and plans to use this wonderful opportunity to develop in-country investor contacts and the beginnings of an entrepreneur pipeline for Village Capital Mexico 2012.

Twitter: @impactinvestMX


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