Jennifer Nguyen

Location: Vietnam

FMS Partner: The Spark Program and Root Change

 About Jennifer…

Jennifer is a fourth semester MBA student at the Monterey Institute of International Studies.  She received two bachelor degrees in Communication and Sociology, Organizational Studies from University of California, Davis in 2006.  As a Vietnam native who became a United States citizen ten years ago, Jennifer has managed to maintain relationships with friends and families in Vietnam.   Additionally, she works closely with the Vietnam Fund, a non-profit organization that provides educational opportunities to ethnic minority groups in Vietnam.  Through her close family and professional ties, Jennifer developed a deep interest in improving Vietnam’s international business climate.   Jennifer’s long-term plans are to continue working in business development in Asian countries and help to contribute to their economic growth and infrastructure. 

In the Field…

From January to May 2011, Jennifer joined FMS as scout working in Hanoi, Viet Nam and worked with the SNVNetherlands Development Organization, SPARK, and Root Change.  As a scout, her primary roles were to formulate a strategic model to monitor and evaluate seven business cases, develop concepts and proposals to access potential funding sources, provide business mentoring support to social entrepreneurs, develop rapport with clients interested in investment opportunities in emerging market in Viet Nam, and conduct independent on-site trips to social enterprises.

For Jennifer, the FMS experience was extremely rewarding in both her personal and professional life in that it allowed her to focus on building and strengthening relationships among various organizations and local service providers; ultimately, the goal was to build an effective local social impact investment sector in Viet Nam.  It was from this international experience that Jennifer learned of her true capabilities in times of hardship and unfamiliar situations.

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  • May 29, 2014 at 9:50 pm

    This is an impressive biography of Miss Nguyen. I enjoyed reading her work as an FMS Scout.


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