Rachael Sanborn

Location: Tanzania

FMS Partner: Choice Capital Management – Dar es Salaam 

Rachael Corinne Sanborn is focusing on Sustainable Development and Business Strategy in the MBA program at MIIS. Ms. Sanborn’s passion for International Development has led her to study sustainable business to aid social challenges in the developing world. Ms. Sanborn is please to serve MIIS as a distinguished Watson Fellow.

Ms. Sanborn has worked as an entrepreneur for the last 5 years in California and started two successful retail businesses and managed a start-up, import-company. Ms. Sanborn’s passion for international development is due to extensive travel and work experience in India, the Middle East and Central America. Ms. Sanborn has most recently worked with a consulting firm in Mainz, Germany where she helped develop and implement business strategy for a major pharmaceutical company.  In 2010, she completed a long-term strategy for a major fresh foods distribution company. Ms. Sanborn is pleased to have completed  an internship with Choice Capital, a finance and business consulting firm and Root Change, an international business development platform in Dar es Salaam as part of the Frontier Market Scouts pilot program.

Ms. Sanborn is particularly interested in the role culture plays in developing sustainable business strategy and empowering business leaders to create their dreams for a better future. After graduating from MIIS, Ms. Sanborn plans to continue working with business ventures in the developing world to encourage capacity building and creative solutions to big challenges.

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