Julie Lapidus

Location: São Paulo, Brazil

Village Capital Partner: F123/Artemisia

Julie Lapidus is a recent graduate with a Master’s in Sustainable Business from HEC Paris and is currently completing an Executive MBA in Sustainability at Fundacao Getulio Vargas in Brazil. She has a wide range of experience in the sustainability sector ranging from organic agriculture, eco-design, green building certification, CSR, and corporate sustainability strategy, amongst others.

She has traveled extensively and has studied abroad in Ecuador, worked on a renewable energy project with students from India, and is in the process of completing 2 graduate degrees at the top business schools in Brazil and France. As a former Google employee, she also has experience in the technology sector, as well as worked with other companies in a range of sectors in the fields of corporate social responsibility and sustainability. She is looking forward to starting her own business following her experience as a Frontier Market Scout.

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