FMS Salt Lake City: A Launching Pad to the US Social Economy

Anna-Lisa Bowans, FMS Salt Lake City Alumna
Anna-Lisa Bowans, FMS Salt Lake City Alumna

“My Frontier Market Scouts training experience in Salt Lake City was a great introduction into the nuances of domestic social enterprise and impact investing,” says Anna-Lisa Bowans, an alumna of the first ever US-focused version of the FMS training. “When I returned home after working in Bangalore as an IDEX fellow, I didn’t have an established network in the domestic social enterprise field – the big players and their set of priorities weren’t totally apparent.”

The Frontier Market Scouts (FMS) program provides a career pathway into social venture and impact investing, by selecting and training participants and putting them in touch with social investors and key players in the field. In 2011 FMS was jointly developed by the Monterey Institute of International Studies (MIIS), Sanghata Global, and Village Capital.  The program was first launched with intensive trainings held on the MIIS campus with attached field assignments taking place in capital-weak regions all over the world.

In just three years, FMS has rapidly grown into a leading global training program for social enterprise management and impact investing and has since developed training centers located in Monterey, Salt Lake City, Amsterdam, and Ashesi. Each FMS training center features a unique environment for offering its’ participants a launching pad into the social enterprise management and impact investing space.

The FMS Salt Lake City training held at the Sorensen Global Impact Investing (SGII) Center at the University of Utah is offered January 11-24. This particular training center continues to offer a domestically focused curriculum and career development track as part of the growing social economy space in the US.

“We had a lot of opportunities to network with leading practitioners and hear inspiring entrepreneurial stories that really addressed a whole business trajectory—from business plan, investment, scale to exit—and even failures along the way” said Anna-Lisa who leveraged the FMS network to nab her current position as  Impact Account Manager at MobileWorks, a Berkeley-based crowdsourcing platform.

The application deadline for FMS Salt Lake City has been extended until December 6, 2013. Click here to apply.  

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