Lisa Ravenel

Location: Bogota, Colombia

Village Capital Partner: HUB Bogota

Lisa has four years of professional experience working in corporate marketing with clients such as Ford Motor Co. and Microsoft. Through this time she worked to develop communications strategies that utilized the latest technologies in mobile, email and social communication.  Additionally, Lisa is the owner of a small social venture company, Torch Illumination Co. Torch is an environmentally friendly candle company that uses only natural ingredients and donates a portion of all profits to environmental conservation funds.

She is currently working to receive a Masters in Public Administration at the University of Washington Evan’s School of Public Affairs where she focuses on International Development and Environmental Policy.  She is dedicated to the work of improving people’s lives in the poorest countries in the world and believes that through business and entrepreneurship we can help provide large scale impacts in the world’s neediest areas.  Finally, she loves the thrill of experiencing foreign cultures and people and has spent time traveling in South America, Europe and Australia.  She is excited to take the lessons gained from these experiences to make the most out of her time as a Frontier Market Scout.

Read about her experiences here.

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