Anu Keshavan

Location: San Francisco, CA (Virtual Scout)Anu Keshavan

Village Capital Partner: William James Foundation

Prof. Yunus once said – “My belief is that poverty is not caused by poor people. Poverty is caused by the system. Poverty is caused by the policies that we pursue.” Does Anu want to be a part of that system? No. Instead, she wants to join hands with very many well intentioned people across the world in the quest for many ideas, to eventually live in that world where no one has to live under 1$ per day. Anu is a Ph.D fellow at International School of Management, Paris. Her research interests are in the field of social innovation and social businesses. Once a year, Anu sets aside her work and other activities for six to ten weeks and head for a backpacking trip to explore, discover and be challenged and inspired. Independent travel in five continents includes journey through Africa in a truck, a Trans-Siberian train journey from Russia to China, la Ruta Maya on road, living with indigenous people of Peru, jungle treks in El Salvador, crossing the border from Guatemala to Belize by foot, scrambling down the mines in Bolivia, the Sahara on a camel, dodging undercover police in Myanmar and high altitude climb and trek expeditions in the Himalayas. She is grateful for the heart touching experiences that transform her.

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