Michelle Freer

Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Village Capital Partner: Growth Africa

Michelle is an experienced project manager and business analyst in the international financial markets industry. She wishes to harness her private sector experience for the benefit of the impact-investing sector. Michelle believes that a business must incorporate quantitative ‘social value’ as the norm and that coupled with the use of social innovation, hopes to overcome the challenges facing ‘bottom of the pyramid’ consumers and separately also tackle the lack of effective funding models. Most recently, as a member of the Young Professional Network board for Women’s World Banking, Michelle has been an active, positive ambassador and advocate for the benefits of microfinance through the organization of quarterly education and social events, whilst also engaging in continual learning. Michelle is originally from Sydney, Australia however has been fortunate enough to work, live and study in Singapore, London and New York. Michelle has a graduate degree in Finance and Accounting from the University of Sydney and currently resides in New York.

Frontier Market Scouts Featured on Forbes.com!

In their article, “Scouting the Sweet Spot Between Purpose and Profit”, Carolyn Taylor Meyer and Yuwei Shi highlight the important impact Frontier Market Scouts have had around the world.  The mission of Frontier Market scouts is to unlock economic opportunity by supporting and scaling the efforts of enterprising individuals in poverty-stricken societies, while gaining career defining and life changing experiences at the intersection of ideas, people and places between purpose and profit. Various scout experiences are highlighted throughout the article which demonstrate the success of the FMS program; both in attaining life changing experiences for the scouts as well as enabling social entrepreneurs to achieve their vision for improving their communities.

Read the full article here!

Join Frontier Market Scouts and MIIS for a social event following SOCAP on October 3rd!

In the spirit of SOCAP (Social Capital Markets), we invite you to continue (or join!) the conversation on social enterprise and impact investment with your friends at the Monterey Institute of International Studies and the Frontier Market Scouts Program.

When: October 3rd, 4:30-7 PM

Where: The Pub at Ghirardelli Square, 851 Beach Street, San Francisco, CA, 94109

Who: This event will bring together SOCAP conference attendees, and friends and alumni from the Monterey Institute and Frontier Market Scout programs. 

Join us for cocktails and appetizers!

Please RSVP on this site by October2nd.

For questions, call, 831-647-6417 or email fms@miis.edu.


Frontier Market Scouts is sending its largest group ever into the field!

The Frontier Market Scouts Program is sending its largest group ever of scouts into the field to locations such as Colombia, Brazil, India, Kenya, South Africa, and more! The scouts just completed their training program last week, with 29 taking part in training and 21 of them going onto field assignments.

This group’s scouts come from very diverse backgrounds: recent college graduates from places such as Kenyon College and Davidson College, graduate students, MBAs, PhDs, and JDs from institutions such as University of Michigan, Bard College, and Syracuse University, Yale, and Columbia University, and mid-career professionals seeking to become involved in the continually growing field of impact investing.

For this round of the program, we are sending scouts to 15 different in-country partners, such as Invested Development, Growth Africa, the Hub Istanbul and, the Hub Bogota, to name a few. Our scouts will be located in Central and South America, Africa, Europe, and Asia, working to apply the wealth of new knowledge they have gained through the FMS training.

The goal of the scouts is to enable the enterprising poor to scale poverty alleviation in capital-weak areas of emerging markets, while gaining career defining and life changing experiences. Keep up-to-date with the work the scouts are doing through the FMS blog, which will be updated with their blog posts throughout their assignments. More information on the FMS program can be found at: http://www.miis.edu/academics/short/frontier-market-scouts. Of course, this program would not be possible without our partners, Village Capital and Sanghata Global.

Stay up to date with the scouts while they are in the field! Here are a couple of their blogs:

Erin Chmelik’s Blog

Jennifer Clessas’s Blog

Impact Investing in Action – Going on Now!

By Clare Seekins

FMS’s partners VilCap and Agora are co-hosting – Impact Investing in Action – a conference aimed at connecting entrepreneurs from the VilCap Atlanta cohort and from Agora’s Accelerator program to investment opportunities.  Entrepreneurs will get a chance to pitch their companies to an audience of both investors and field-builder. The conference is also promoting the expansion of the early stage impact investing space, by facilitating the interaction among seasoned impact investors with those new to the field.

Here are some of the amazing enterprises pitching at Impact Investing in Action:

T.O.H.L. Tubing Operations for Humanitarian Logistics: is a fluid transport system that can deliver large quantities of water (20,000+ people/day) to disaster-affected areas in short timeframes (less than 48 hours).

SmartGaon:  provides primary healthcare, insurance and advisory services to bottom of the pyramid consumers for a low monthly subscription.

FOGDOG: is a subscription-based filter & monitoring system that controls wet waste to reduce costs, ensure compliance and protect watersheds.

ByoEarth: educates local communities on the importance of biodegradable waste management and provides technical training in adopting vermicomposting.

Cilforsa: A company that address both the housing and recycling deficit in Mexico. Cilforsa takes bottles, recycles them, and uses them to build houses for poor people in Mexico. More specifically, the company uses PET and glass bottles, secures them with wire and mortar to construct the walls of the structures.  The result—affordable and environmentally friendly housing for the BoP.

خبير: اقتراض مصر من النقد الدولي شهادة ثقة في اقتصادها


قال خبير مالي ان جدية صندوق النقد الدولي في اقراض مصر شهادة ثقة في اقتصادها من شأنها تحفيز الاستثمار الاجنبي للعمل في أكبر دولة عربية من حيث عدد السكان.


Islamists look to shake up Egypt stock exchange

January 19,2012

Last month, Mahmoud Abbas, a member of the Salafi-led Nour Party, addressed newly elected members of Egypt’s lower house of parliament and journalists in a conference at the Egyptian stock exchange, in an effort to reassure investors that markets will be safe under an Islamist-dominated parliament.


أصحاب المبادرات من المصريين يرون فجر جديد بعد الثورة


بعد سنه من عزل الرئيس السابق حسني مبارك  تظل أحوال مصر الإقتصادية غير واضحة و غير مستقرة.مخاطر خفض سعر العملة و عدم التأكد من مدى رغبة المجلس العسكري في تسليم كل أو جزء من السلطة إلى حكومة مدنية يردع العديد من رجال الأعمال عن مشاريع جديدة و هذا يشمل أيضاً المستثمرين الأجانب .في الوقت ذاته البيئة السياسية الجديدة تشجع نشاط زهرة  أصحاب المبادرات من المصريين


Egypt entrepreneurs see new dawn post-revolution

January 18,2012

A year after Mubarak’s ouster, economic conditions in Egypt remain grim. The risk of a currency devaluation, and continued uncertainty over how much power the military is willing to hand over to a democratic government, are deterring new projects by many large businesses, including foreign investors. At the same time, the new political landscape is encouraging a flowering of entrepreneurial activity among some Egyptians.


‘Egypt’s economy better within 7 year

January 18,2012

Egyptian economy will, within seven years, be better than the Turkish and Malaysian economies, because of the economic programme of the party which wants to achieve a real developmental renaissance, an official in Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) has said’Egypt’s%20economy%20better%20within%207%20years’

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