When I’m not researching social enterprises…..

Over the past few weeks, I’ve gotten a lot of questions about what life is like the jungle.  To say that it is different would be a complete understatement.  Sometimes I feel like life out here isn’t even real… The sheer beauty and remoteness of my surroundings, the jaw-dropping size of the prehistoric bugs that dive bomb into my mosquito net at night, and the stories and legends that the locals and kids tell after dinner every night continue to amaze me more and more each day.  I am quickly learning that the Yachana Reserve and the Ecuadorian Amazon are very special places.   To help illuminate my day to day experiences a bit more for everyone, I’ve decided to show you what life is like in the jungle through a few of my favorite photo memories from the past week.  So without further ado…

When I’m not researching social enterprises in the Amazon…

…I’m considering trying new foods… like giant larva (AKA baby cockraoches)


Gracias, but maybe next time.

…I’m defending myself against the lodge’s crazy pet parrot, Yolanda… who takes the term “pecking order” to a whole new level.

It's a long road, but I see friendship in our future.

…I’m playing “connect the dots” with my bug bites and experimenting with various repellents and itch remedies. (The guides here swear a mashed up termite paste is the ticket…. we’ll see.)

Apparently this happened because "the bugs don't know me well enough" yet.

…I’m tending to my mosquito net and making sure ALL personal effects are kept up off the floor.  Open shoes and backpacks make for cozy spider condominiums!

Home sweet home - My room at Yachana Technical High School

…I’m learning how to spit slippery cacao seeds, a favorite jungle past time and true test of  one’s “jungle-ness”

US vs. the Jungle... I'm sure you can guess who won.

…And if it’s right around sunset, you can find me gazing out at this view that no Spanish or English word could ever describe.

You know you want to come visit...