How to Become a Better Writer

I recently got asked how I became a good writer and why I enjoyed writing so much. For me, writing has just always been a part of my life. So coming up with an answer to this question made me think about what it was about writing that I enjoyed and why I continue to want to write (even those pesky research papers).

Personally, I love the way words flow and how a single thought can be conveyed in such manner that makes people understand, commiserate, and think. But it can be hard to translate this flow when there are requirements, procedures, and restrictions in academic writing. So, I went searching for others opinions (through the magic of Google) and here a few nuggets that I found which may or may not help you write with a little less anxiety.


Reading is so critical when it comes to writing. It gives you a wider vocabulary and if the subject is interesting to you it can spur ideas, theories, or questions which you can begin to incorporate into your writing.

Writing academically means focusing on the most important pieces. A paper that is concise and clear will help convey your message in the best way possible. Additionally, it’s the little things, like correct grammar, that improve writing easily and quickly.

And remember, it is always important to revise, revise, revise! The more you notice your mistakes, the less you will use them.

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