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Sustainable Cities of the 21st Century

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‘SUSTAINABLE CITIES OF THE 21ST CENTURY’ is the theme for the  2nd annual Green Trade Network Summit.

The groundbreaking efforts of Masdar City in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates and new eco-city efforts in China and other parts of the world are examples of projects that are establishing a worldwide trend of developing new sustainable cities of the 21st Century. Great opportunities exist for Green small to mid-sized enterprises to supply technologies, services and products for these historical undertakings.

The 2nd annual Green Trade Network Summit will feature panels, presentations and guest appearances from the leaders of break-through products and services in air and water purification, green construction, waste management and renewable energy and how they can be used in our existing infrastructures and for the new Sustainable Cities of the 21st Century.

Vist the Summit Webpage at


Please contact the MBITA office at 831-335-4780 or email at for further details.

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