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Questions about Portfolios?

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Dean’s Council of Program Chairs announces changes to portfolio–making it an optional, career-orientated program

Many students in the Graduate School of International Policy & Management have been asking questions recently about the Porfolio requirements. The Dean’s Council of Program Chairs has reviewed the Portfolio program over the summer and has made the following changes:

1-Continuing students graduating after August 2009 will no longer have to meet the Portfolio requirement. If you have been working on a Portfolio during the first year of your program, you have not wasted your time. You will still have access to Academic/Career Advisors, and to select faculty upon request, if you wish to continue to work to develop a professional portfolio. Advisors will work with you to direct the project to be very career oriented.

2-Any new students starting Fall 2009 or later do not have a portfolio requirement. The Advising Staff will encourage some sort of professional portfolio to gather examples of your work and experiences. The Advising Staff will be able to recommend systems and methods that can facilitate this process. Faculty will not be expected to review these portfolios, although they may act in a mentor capacity if a student has a question occasionally.

3-The broader question of Competency Based Learning Outcomes, as well as Assessment of Learning methods will continue to be addressed via the Dean, Assistant Dean, Program Chairs and faculty. These are issues that we must consider for accreditation purposes, as well as for our desire for continuous improvement.

4-We will continue to provide access to ePortfolio software through August 2010 to accommodate those students and alumni that have completed the IPS Portfolio as a requirement.

If you have any questions about these changes to the Policy Portfolio requirement, please contact your Academic Advisor, or contact Toni Thomas, Assistant Dean of GSIPM.

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