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Green Job Interview Tips

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The interview process can be one of the most anxiety producing events in your life, particularly if you’ve found yourself downsized in the global economic meltdown.  Here are a few tips to help you with your next interview in the green sector.  We invite you to share your own tips for a better green job interview!

  1. Do your homework on the company beforehand.  Investigate the company’s background, whether they have won any awards in their industry, what technologies they specialize in, and the direction they claim to be taking forward.  Going into the interview knowing as much as possible about the company will demonstrate your interest in the company, and allow you to participate more in the interview process itself.
  2. Don’t overstate your true skills or education.  If the company is on the cutting edge of new green technology that you are not well versed in, do not try to “fake” knowing more than you do or having more education than you actually have.  Rather, in these cases focus on your skills and/or education that you are in the process of broadening, and your interest and eagerness in continuing to expand on these.
  3. Let them know of your previous green involvement.  If, in addition to your former job or your education, you participated in green activities such as leading the launch of a new recycling program at your college or employer, or won awards for community environmental work, etc., mention these accomplishments at the appropriate time in the interview.
  4. Be aware of the corporate culture.  Look around you and be respectful of the processes they have in place, for example, some companies have preferred parking for electric/hybrid vehicles so ensure you park in the right designated area.
  5. Practice your response to the question – why do you want a green career/this (green) job?  It is appropriate to say you believe green is a growth sector, but the way you say this will make all the difference.  If you come across as not really being interested in green, except in terms of cash, then your likelihood of being hired by a green company is questionable.
  6. Be Professional!  Dress appropriately for the interview.  Some people have a misconception that green employers are “laid back”, and that it is not necessary to “dress up” for your interview.  While the dress code can vary from one company setting to the next, it is best to dress appropriately for the job and company (i.e. wear a suit or business casual in accordance with the job/company).

While these will be mere reminders for some and basic for others, we hope these suggestions prove to be useful to our readers.  We look forward to hearing your suggestions!

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