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Tactical Counterterrorism: WKSH 8542

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Who: Any student interested in counterterrorism operations
What: Tactical Counterterrorism Workshop, 1.0 credit
When: April 16th, 17th and 18th, 2010
Where: Morse B104

GSIPM is pleased to announce the return of a popular workshop to the Spring 2010 course schedule.  WKSH 8542 – Tactical Counterterrorism is designed to make students aware of how policy gets interpreted and carried out in terms of counterterrorism ideologies and operations.  This workshop will discuss the immediate and long-term effects of U.S. and other counterterrorism actions throughout the world.

Topics which this workshop will cover include the following:

  • The changing faces of terrorists and terrorism
  • Executive Orders, Congress and Civil Rights
  • Just what is the “Intelligence Community” and how does it relate to counterterrorism?
  • Counterterrorism and the world community: Who counters terrorism?
  • Elite Forces and how they work
  • Technology and counterterrorism
  • War fighters: Who are they and what do they need to be successful?
  • Exercises in: developing a terrorist mindset, terrorist attack in the U.S. and counterterrorist strategies.
  • Examination of actual declassified counterterrorist successes and failures

For more information on this workshop, please refer to the online course schedule.

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