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GSIPM Dean’s Seminar Series: Theories of Change in SCO Capacity Building

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Who: MIIS Community
Exploring Worldviews and Theories of Change on Capacity Building
When: Thursday, April 22nd, 12:15-1:45 pm
Where: McGowan 100

Professor Alfredo Ortiz will present the second installment of the Spring 2010 Dean’s Seminar Series on the topic of “Exploring Worldviews and Theories of Change on Capacity Building.”

This seminar presents Systemic Theories of Change, a capacity building methodology emerging from Professor Ortiz’s fieldwork with an urban community development organization and an activist think tank in Peru, and a biodiversity conservation organization in Ecuador. The methodology assumes that the capacities which different social change organizations (SCOs) value are conditioned by a mix of individual, organizational and societal worldviews.  It posits that the processes SCOs use to attempt to intentionally “build” their capacities should surface these worldviews in order to find more purposeful and systemic relationships between their internal processes, systems and capacities, and the complex change that they seek to support.

The Dean’s Seminar Series showcases the work of the GSIPM faculty that defines academic excellence at the Monterey Institute, highlights distinct competences of the GSIPM programs, and provides valuable perspectives and skills to our learning community. The series places an emphasis on the introduction of faculty members and their works that have a significant potential to be leveraged across the family of programs at GSIPM.

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