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5th Annual Green Economics Conference

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Who: Anyone interested in green economics
What: 5th Annual Green Economics Conference (CALL FOR PAPERS & RESERVATIONS)
When: 29 – 31 July 2010
Where: Oxford University

Oxford University will host the 5th Annual Green Economics Conference focusing on “Green Jobs and Greening the Economy.”

Green economics views the current downturn as a clash between ecology and economy and argues that commodity instability is a symptom of the exhaustion of natural resources.  This conference is part of the world’s leading conference series in green economics.  Internationally renowned scientists, economists, campaigners, policy makers, social scientists and researchers from all over the globe continue to attend this very popular series to present frontier research findings and keep up to date with the latest achievements and developments in this fast moving, leading, and topical field.

Speakers include Sir Alan Knight OBE, Former Commissioner at the UK Government Commission for Sustainable Development; and Miriam Kennet, Editor of the International Journal of Green Economics and Director of the Green Economics Institute.

Requests to speak are invited, as are prospective authors to submit abstracts. All papers and abstracts must be submitted in .doc or .odt format and must include title of paper, all authors’ email addresses, full names and affiliation  and each paper must include a five-line biography of each author.  Each paper must include full references and citations wherever these have been used.  All speakers are invited to send in papers for the proceedings. Papers must be between 1000 – 6000 words in .odt or .doc format.  They must be fully referenced in Harvard Referencing format.  All papers will be submitted to the International Journal of Green Economic for inclusion  in a special issue resulting from the conference, if they are within 2000 -7000 words and fully referenced.

For more information, please visit the International Journal of Green Economics announcement page at:

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