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Columnists Wanted at Bellum: A Project of The Stanford Review

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Who: Students interested in international security
What: The Bellum collaborative blogging project
When: NOW

Bellum is a collaborative blogging project sponsored by the Stanford Review.  It features original commentary on geopolitics, defense policy, and national security affairs, written by an editorial staff that is scattered from California to Minnesota to Washington, D.C..  Bellum combines in-house commentary with exclusive Q&A sessions with leading national security experts. Past guests have included: John Negroponte, former director of national intelligence; Paul Bremer, former ambassador to Iraq;  and Charles Duelfer, former chief US weapons inspector in Iraq.

Bellum is currently in an expansion phase, having brought on additional contributors and assistant editors.  Graduate students are invited to consider becoming weekly or biweekly columnists on issues relevant to security.  While not a peer-reviewed journal, Bellum offers the ability to test out ideas, publish pieces that are too short for publication elsewhere but nonetheless may contain original insights, to conduct interviews with an institutional affiliation, and to network.

Visit to learn more about Bellum.  Interested writers should send a resume and cover letter to: Tristan Abbey, Senior Editor, Bellum: A Project of The Stanford Review at

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