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Registration for Summer 2010 Courses Begins May 12

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Registration for Summer 2010 courses (except Directed Studies and Audits) will take place on-line via BannerWeb.  You can start building your Summer schedule as soon as your registration window opens.

Note: Registration for the Summer Intensive Language Program (SILP) and English as a Second Language (ESL) program will not be on-line.

The Summer 2010 Registration time periods begin at 8.00 a.m. Pacific Time (The time displayed on BannerWeb is 11.00 a.m. Eastern) on Wednesday, May 12th.

You can add and drop courses freely until web registration closes (based on add and drop dates for courses in the summer semester).

On-line Registration Details

Now that the Summer 2010 schedule is available you can start looking at course details via:

  • Look Up Classes to Add link in BannerWeb, or directly from the course schedule:
  • From link shown above you must click on the CRN (5-digit Course Reference Number) of the course. This takes you to additional information that indicates whether or not you can successfully register for a particular course. Click on the CRN , then click on the course title and you will see the enrollment counts and the course restrictions, if any.
  • You will see the prerequisites and any other course restrictions. Examples include graduate school, degree and major. You can also see how many seats are available.  Some courses may be set up as approval-required. For these courses ‘APRVL’ will appear in the ‘SEATS AVAIL’ column on the course schedule.
  • To request an override to waive you from course restrictions or request an approval for approval required courses, contact the primary instructor of the course. Please include your Banner    student ID #  (this is an 8-digit number you use to check your schedule and grades or submit your timesheet on BannerWeb) when contacting the instructor. When approval or waiver has been granted you must still register for this course to complete the registration process.

Use the Check Your Registration Status link in BannerWeb/Registration menu to:

  • Confirm that you have been assigned to a specific registration time period or “window”.  If you are rgistering for Summer and you don’t have a time period, please email
  • Confirm that your status permits registration
  • Confirm that you don’t have any ‘holds’ that prevent you from registering
    Any overrides of course restrictions or course approvals that have been granted, can be seen on this page.

Please refer to the instructions document at for specific details, including screen shots, of how to register for a course from the Register or Add/Drop Classes link in BannerWeb. Please note, where it refers to Fall 2010, please substitute Summer 2010.

Note:  Students wishing to Audit a course or register for a Directed Study will have to process that registration through the Records Office on an Add/Drop form

Limit on credits

You may not register on-line for more than 24 credits (this includes Directed Studies and Audits). If you need to register for more than 24 credits, please bring an Add/Drop form, approved by your Advisor to the Records Office. Registering for more than 16 credits in any semester/term may put you in an overload status and additional tuition may be due and payable.

Academic Advising

See your Advisor for assistance in planning your schedule.

Questions or asssistance

For assistance during registration, please email or call 831-647-4121.

-Information provided by Registrar

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