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Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Harvey Arbeláez

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Harvey Arbeláez, Professor of Finance, is featured in the recently published book “Credit, currency or derivatives: Instruments of Global Financial Stability or Crisis?”

Professor Arbeláez contributed the chapter entitled “Important Structural Trends and Developments In the Foreign Exchange and OTC Derivative Markets.”  This chapter explores the substantial increase in turnover in foreign exchange and OTC derivatives markets carried out between banks and other financial institutions and contends this trend is  due to the significance of hedge funds and major engagement of emerging market currencies which have sought new configurations of portfolio diversification worldwide.

This book belongs to the well known series of Emerald Books in international finance.  It consists of 18 chapters contributed by researchers of several universities, and officers and authorities of institutions like the IMF and central banks such as the Federal Reserve Bank, Bank of Greece, Bank of Finland and others around the world.

For more information on Dr. Arbeláez, check out his faculty profile on the MIIS website:

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