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Eligibility Guidelines for Enrolling in Fall 2010 Course with Macro/Micro Pre-requisites

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The following are the guidelines for students wishing to take course work in fall 2010 that list Microeconomics and/or Macroeconomics as pre-requisites for eligibility:

a)         If a student has shown via transcripts that they have taken microeconomics coursework or macroeconomics coursework with a grade of “B” or higher in the last three year’s at an accredited institution, we will code this eligibility into Banner Web. Any student entering in spring 2010 or previously that had met the eligibility requirement via transcripts should be coded accordingly for either microeconomics, macroeconomics or both,  within Banner as this info was sent from GSIPM to the Records Office.

b)         Any students that have successfully demonstrated knowledge of microeconomics or macroeconomics via an Economics Placement Exam in February 2010 or earlier have also been coded into Banner. Please note that the Placement Exam has been discontinued.

c)         Students that wish to register for the Intensive Economics Boot Camp in August may use this registration to show eligibility for microeconomics or macroeconomics pre-requisites (based on the Intensive econ section that they have registered for) with the understanding that if they do not successfully complete the Boot Camp session they will be administratively dropped from the advanced economics course in fall.

d)         Students intending to take approved coursework in microeconomics or macroeconomics elsewhere for transfer must submit proof of such coursework to Assistant Dean Toni Thomas at GSIPM, and request an override for registration for fall courses. Students bear the responsibility for providing proof of successful completion of such coursework via an Official Transcript reflecting a grade of “B” or higher from an accredited institution prior to beginning of the fall course or will be subject to administrative drop from the advanced economics course.

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