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Fall 2010 MIIS Sustainability Speakers Series: Every Thursday@6pm

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The Monterey Institute Sustainability Speakers Series invites experts to address topics associated with sustainability, including poverty alleviation, public health, global climate change, environmental toxicity, new product development for sustainability, labor strategies, ecological and sustainability-related investment strategies.

Join us this and every Thursday through December at 6pm, in McGowan 102, for this semester’s Sustainability Speakers Series.

September 9: MG102

Christopher Ott , CEO , ProTech GCS, Inc

Recognizing Opportunity in an Emerging Market; a Case Study in the Industrialization of Ecology

September 16: MG102

Jeff Ballinger (Ph.D. Candidate), Labor Rights Organizer, Founder, Press for Change

Why Anti-Sweatshop Campaigns Might Just Do It After All

September 23: MG102

Bill Leahy, Executive Director, Big Sur Land Trust

Restoring the Health of Land and Community: A New Vision for Land Trusts

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