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Call for Papers: Richard Fura Fellowships

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The Richard Fura Fund will award two research fellowships of USD 500 hundred to the winning papers. These funds must be utilized to support the fellow’s education at MIIS. The content of the research papers will be used in the development of the documentary and participants should select either Mexico or India for their analysis. The research papers should include a situation analysis of human trafficking in the country of study, an analysis of the legal framework, a list and details about the institutions responsible for dealing with trafficking cases, a list of organizations working on victim assistance, prevention campaigns (if any) carried out in the past, a map of the areas where most sex trafficking takes place, and a clearly identified list of proposed government institutions, civil organizations or relevant stakeholders to be included in the interviews for the documentary.

For more information please see the following link.

Completed research papers should be submitted by close of business (5pm Pacific Time Us & Canada) on December 10, 2010.

Papers should be sent to

Research papers will be reviewed by the review committee of One Less and the winning papers will be selected according to the review criteria in set out above.

Any enquiries regarding this call should be sent to or .

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