Thursday, October 14th, 2010...9:26 am

New Resource: Liberal Arts Career Network

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We are happy to announce that MIIS students and alumni now have access to the exclusive Liberal Arts Career Network (LACN).  LACN is a consortium of the top 32 liberal arts colleges who pool together their career resources.  This job consortium has over 9,000 employers and 3,000 current job postings.  This is a great additional resource for MIIS and came as part of our Middlebury merger.

To access LACN, simply log into Zocalo and “Jump To” the Liberal Arts Career Network.  You can find this link in the main navigation menu or below the shortcut links on the homepage.  This jump to system will automatically log you into LACN.  Jump back to Monterey Institute Zocalo to return to our system.  LACN uses the same job database so you should be familiar with how to search for jobs.

We hope that this additional job resource helps you with your career and internship search.  If you have any questions, feel free to stop by our office or email

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