Thursday, November 11th, 2010...10:11 am

Ceremony Honoring the 2010 Recipient of the Sarah Meek Prize

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Sarah Meek Page, a distinguished December 1994 graduate of the Graduate School of International Policy Studies, died in an automobile accident on October 26th 2006 in South Africa, her home and place of work. She is memorialized on the MIIS campus with a bench in front of the Kade Building. In order to honor Sarah’s work and promote research in Africa, her family has established an annual award for student research in Africa.
This year’s recipient of the $1000 prize is Shauna Kelly, whose paper is based on original research in Sierra Leone.
We will honor Shauna on Thursday 11 November at 12:15 at the Sarah Meek Memorial Bench in front of the Kade Building. All who knew Sarah, those who know Shauna, and all interested in honoring the professional achievement of our students and alumni are very welcome to join in celebrating this achievement.

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