Thursday, November 18th, 2010...10:45 am

Good Luck to Our Fulbright Applicants!

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The US Student Fulbright application cycle is over for the 2011-2012 process.  MIIS has 19 applicants applying through the campus program (including two alumni) and one-two additional candidates applying independently of the Institute.  This is the largest pool of applicants in the Institute’s recorded history!

Candidates will learn if they have been passed to the country review stage by late January, with final awards taking place in May.  Thanks to the many faculty who assisted with the review process, wrote letters of recommendation, and sat on the Fulbright Campus Committee (Mahmood Abdalla, Michel Gueldry, Jeff Langholz (chair), Wei Liang, and Lyuba Zarsky).  We will announce our Fulbright finalists later in the academic year.

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