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Net Impact Curriculum Change Student Survey

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Want to WIN a PRIZE For Giving Feedback?!

In order to better serve you and find ways to improve our curriculum, the MIIS Net Impact Club has put together a 5-question survey.

This short survey takes just 2 minutes to complete, but will be tremendously helpful in shining a light on what courses MIIS students are seeking (and missing) and what courses will best prepare students for life after MIIS.

And because Net Impact understands that it’s crunch time, and that you may need a little extra motivation to tear your eyes away from pages and pages of reading and writing, there is a prize!

The degree program with the highest response rate will receive something sweet! However, you have to participate to find out what it is.  The winning program will be finalized next Wednesday, December 8, so be sure to complete the survey before then.  

Take the 2-minute Survey

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