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1.) Two MIIS Faculty Members Speak at a Conference in Japan

Professor Anna Vassilieva (GSTILE) and Professor Tsuneo Akaha (GSIPM) gave presentations at the seminar on “Russian and East Asian Regional Integration” at the Global Institute for Asian Regional Integration, Waseda University, Tokyo on November 30.  Their Presentations were, respectively, “Russian Public Opinion on Relations with East Asian Neighbors: Implications for Regional Integration” and “Russia and East Asian Regional Integration: An Overview.”

In addition, Professor Akaha saw his article “Higashiajia ni okeru Kokkyo o Koeru Hito no Ido: Ningen no Anzenhosho no Shiten kara” (Human movement across national borders in East Asia: From a human security perspective) published in Takashi Oshimura, ed., Koeru: Kyokai Naki Seji no Yocho (Transcending: Prospects of borderless politics), Tokyo: Fukosha, 2010, pp.173-220.

2.) Thomas Hout Lecture Perfect Ending to China Factor Class

Thomas M. Hout, bestselling business author and international competition expert, delivered the lecture titled “Are We in a Cold War over Economics with China?” on December 7.

Mr. Hout has written extensively about the impact of China’s economic rise to the world’s economy.  His work has been used in classes at MIIS, especially the multi-disciplinary “China Factor” class.  Students from the China Factor class had the opportunity to listen and meet with Mr. Hout.  As one student put it, “Attending the Hout lecture is a perfect ending to this amazing class, and a chance to tie everything we have learned this semester together.”

3.) Arms Control Negotiation Class meets with “New START” Chief U.S. Negotiator

The arms control negotiation simulation class taught by Dr. William Potter, director of the Monterey Institute’s James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies, has always bee one of the most highly regarded talked about classes offered at the school.

A highlight of the course occurred when the entire class had the opportunity to interact in person with Ambassadors James Goodby and Linton Brooks, and meet via video conference with Assistant Secretary of State Rose Gottemoeller, the chief U.S. negotiator on the “New START treaty” recently review by the U.S. Senate.

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