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Short Course on Public Health in Complex Emergencies

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Who: All MIIS faculty, students and staff

What: Short Course on Public Health in Complex Emergencies (PHCE)

Where: American University of Beirut

When: March 7-March 19, 2011

How Much: Tuition including course fees, accommodation, all meals, and reading and reference materials is $2,400

The Public Health in Complex Emergencies is a 12-Day course aiming at improving the quality of public health assistance available to refugees and displaced persons involved in emergencies.  It focuses on sharpening practical, problem-based skills in an interactive group setting to help participants become well-informed decision-makers and managers of public health policy in complex emergencies.

PHCE is a two-week residential training program designed to strengthen the public health skills and knowledge of:

NGO staff who are responsible now (or may be in the near future) for making decisions that affect the health of refugees and internally displaced persons.

District Medical Officers and other Ministry of Health staff working in regions affected by complex emergencies

Staff from international and governmental organizations instrumental in planning services for people affected by complex emergencies.

The ten modules that make up the course are:

Context of Emergencies           Reproductive Health

Epidemiology                                 Psychosocial Health

Communicable Disease             Weapons, Violence & Trauma

Environmental Health                Protection and Security

Nutrition                                          Coordination

For more information please contact Zeina Mohanna at

or kindly check these websites:

PHCE website

FHS-AUB website

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