Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011...1:01 pm

CNS English Language and Nonproliferation Program first-ever online course

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This semester, the CNS English Language and Nonproliferation (ELAN) Program is conducting its first-ever online course.  The course, English for Nuclear Security: Speaking and Listening, is being delivered via Internet technologies to nuclear science faculty at Tomsk Polytechnic University in Russia.

This “anywhere-anytime” transmission demonstrates the versatility and flexibility of course design and delivery.  The course uses a combination of a customized course blog (WordPress), Google docs and Delicious for housing and presenting course materials. Courses take place via a Skype video connection, with the instant chat feature as a “virtual whiteboard.”

The course is designed to enhance participants’ English speaking skills on topics related to nuclear security and materials protection and control.  Selected participants will take part in the summer 2011 international nuclear safeguards course in Monterey.

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