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AFS, YFY, and Rotary Exchange Program Alumni Needed to Lead Orientation April 17

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Returnees from the AFS, YFU and Rotary (high school) exchange programs very much needed to be group leaders for orientation of 35 American AFS-ers plus  their parents from 10 am to  3 pm on Sunday, April 17th.

The MIIS annual orientation for a large group of AFS-ers going abroad has often been described as “one of the best AFS orientations in the United States” and we would like you to be part of it. Taking part is a way of high school exchangees to give back something of what they gained when they were the exchange students.

Former MIIS students who have participated have called it a “heady, exciting experience!” Please tell other high school exchangees you know about this.
If you are available to help, please email Professor Peter Grothe at:  Thank you for considering doing this!

For more information on AFS Intercultural programs, visit

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