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MIDD-MIIS Intern Team-Beijing Global Envirnomental Institute

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A Middlebury/Monterey student team has been invited to partner with staff of the Beijing based think-tank, the Global Environmental Institute (GEI). GEI was one of the first think-tanks in China, www.GEIChina.org. It focuses primarily on environmental issues, but is also actively involved with development projects, green businesses, and trade issues. During the summer of 2011, a team composed of one Middlebury and one Monterey student will join GEI staff in a six-week project focused on green business development and training.

The team will have an opportunity to collaborate on GEI programs promoting Eco-Entrepreneurship Trainings and applications of the GEI Guidebook on Starting Environmentally Friendly Business and Business Delegations in Global Governor’s Climate Summit, work on Sustainable Consumption and Production, Environmentally friendly SMEs, low carbon lighting, organic agriculture, energy efficiency, or a related topic. They will be located at GEI’s Beijing office.

To Apply:

  • Submit a resume that supports your interest and qualifications and include any knowledge of CSR principles
  • Submit a ½ page summary answering the following question:  How does this internship support your career and professional goals?
  • Submit your application to BOTH:

o   Tate Miller, Dean of the Center for Career and Academic Services (CACS) (tate.miller@miis.edu)

o   Edy Rhodes, CACS Career and Academic Advisor (edy.rhodes@miis.edu)

Deadline: April 15, 2010

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