Tuesday, April 19th, 2011...11:55 am

Nation Building Colloquium: Patricia Fn’Piere – Former Chief of Governance Division, USAID

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Come join us as MIIS hosts Patricia Fn’Piere and her husband Patrick Fn’Piere as they provide an enriched overview of changes in USAID’s structure and mission since the 90s and its democracy and governance programs in post-conflict countries. Mr. Fn’Piere will provide specific field examples drawing from his experience working at USAID’s Center for Democracy and Governance. He will cover stories from Liberia, Haiti, El Salvador, and Zimbabwe, Afghanistan, Venezuela, and the West Bank and Gaza.

The ultimate goal of the colloquium is to create an environment for students to broaden and deepen their knowledge and to acquire a more holistic understanding of nation building. Through this we will explore key international policy issues – including capacity development, humanitarian relief, rule of law, democratization, post-conflict stabilization and reconstruction, private sector development, and state building – are related and connected.

When: Wed, April 20, 6:00pm – 7:15pm

Where: MG 100

Cost: Free

Please RSVP with NBC.MIIS@gmail.com to reserve a seat.

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