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Monterey Institute Announces New Executive Education Program for Summer/Fall 2011

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Practitioners to Offer Trainings on Environmental, Security, Trade/Compliance Issues

This June and October, the Monterey Institute of International Studies
will offer its first-ever executive education program in Monterey, California.
The two- and four-day trainings will be taught by Monterey Institute professors and other
expert practitioners, and course offerings during this inaugural session will include
environmental social governance; terrorism, pandemics and bioterrorism; and
international trade strategy. Participants can elect to take one or two segments within
each thematic track.

The Monterey Institute Executive Education program is for executives, managers, and
government leaders, and offers attendees the opportunity to discuss vital industry issues
with experts and peers from around the world.

Track: Environmental Social Governance
Segment One: Corporate Governance and the Board
Segment Two: Climate Risk and Business
Dates: June 7-10 and October 12-15, 2011
Course will cover corporate governance policy, the role of the board, and best practices
for integrating risk management. Topics include executive compensation challenges, risk
disclosure to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), capital markets and
climate change, mitigating greenhouse gas exposure, and addressing climate change at
the company level.

Track: International Trade Strategy
Segment One: Corporate Compliance Strategy
Segment Two: China’s Industrial Policy
Dates: June 20-23 and October 12-15, 2011
Course will examine latest US and international regulatory developments, including tools
and best practices for mitigating actual risks and keeping current compliance strategies.
Topics include WMD procurement networks, money laundering and terrorism financing,
embargos and sanctions, export compliance, anti-money laundering compliance, and
FPCA compliance. The second part of the course will focus on China’s industrial policy
including China’s National Standard Strategy, government restricting, fostering
innovation, and China’s clean energy market and communications technology sector.

Track: Terrorism, Bioterrorism, and Pandemics
Segment One: Introduction to Terrorism Issues
Segment Two: Bioterrorism to Pandemics
Dates: June 20-23 and October 19-22, 2011
Course will cover terrorism issues in Central, South, and Southeast Asia and Russia and
the Caucasus as well as designing responses to potential bioterrorism and pandemic
threats. Topics include: Islamism, jihadist terrorism, terrorism financing, counterterrorism
strategies, SARS and Swine influenza pandemics, law enforcement approaches,
vaccine development, and rethinking the public health approach.

All courses will take place during regular business hours at the Monterey Institute’s
downtown Monterey campus. Fees are $2,200 for a two-day training and $4,200 for a
complete four-day program, with non-profit fee rates also available. Applications for June
trainings are due May 1, 2011. Applications for October trainings are due September 15,
2011. Training sessions will include optional outings to sights around Monterey County.
For more information on the program or to apply, visit To speak
with a program coordinator, contact or call (831) 647-6417.

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