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Notes on Fall 2011 MPA Evaluation Courses

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IPOL 8644 – SEM: Program Evaluation will automatically log all students who request to register as “waitlisted” – meaning that it will appear that there are 0 seats available for the class. The waitlist will close on May 13th, so if you are want to take this course please make sure you register before the 13th. Please keep in mind that, due to limited seating, students who have already taken Dr. Laurence or Dr. Kardam’s eval courses are not eligible and preference will be given to those students who plan on graduating in December or plan to be away from campus in the Spring for DPMI Plus (i.e. the Fall semester is your last semester on campus). If you are claiming that you will be doing DPMI + in the Spring, you must email Beryl Levinger stating when you have taken, or plan to take DPMI.

Kent Glenzer’s (new MPA professor) course offerings: Many of you have inquired about his course IPOL 8685: Special Topics in Evaluation. After reviewing the course syllabus and speaking with Kent, Dr. Levinger has determined that this class will in fact count towards the Evaluation requirement (with a maximum capacity of 15 students). HOWEVER, you must have already completed Data Analysis and one of the following courses to take this course as your Eval Requirement:

IPOL       8644       SEM: Program Evaluation
IPOL       8523       Program Evaluation in the Field
IPOL       8582       Evaluation Methods
DPMI     8698A       DPMI (successful completion of the training for no credit will also fulfill prerequisite)

Other students who have already taken their Evaluation Requirement may enroll in this course as a higher level evaluation learning opportunity. In addition, students cannot enroll in both IPOL 8644 SEM: Program Evaluation and this “Special Topics in Evaluation” course next semester.

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