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Nation Building Colloquium – Videos on iTunesU

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As the semester is wrapping up so is this year’s Global Problems and Solutions Speaker Series on Nation Building. Throughout the semester we have been very fortunate to have a breadth of high profile speakers including Ambassadors, Professors, Diplomats, and Government leaders all speak on the complex and immense issue of Nation Building.

Open to the MIIS community and public in general, the ultimate goal of the colloquium has been to create an environment for our community to acquire a more holistic understanding of nation building. All talks have been posted to the MIIS iTunesU account and are available free of charge.

To access the video please follow the directions below:

1. Please log-on to iTunes
2. Click on the “iTunes Store” button in the left hand column.
3. Look at the menu bar across the top under the browser and select iTunesU (located next to podcasts)
4. On the right hand side under “iTunesU Quick Links” select Universities and Colleges
5. Find and select Monterey Institute of International Studies
6. Here you will find the Nation Building Colloquium postings under “Guest Lectures”

If you have any comments or concerns with access please email –

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