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NPS Conference Opportunity for MIIS Students

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This summer, June 13-16, Naval Postgraduate School is hosting a conference with AFCEA International called “Cooperative Engagement for Partnership Capacity: Africa as a Model for Whole of Government”. The topic is Security Reform/Assistance in Africa. Senior leaders from various militaries, NGOs, and IOs, as well as the private sector are speaking and attending.

There are a few slots available for students to attend and take notes during several panels and keynote speeches. In exchange for taking notes and submitting a brief report, they will have full access to the conference and all events.


1. Attend 3 assigned panels/keynote speeches and take notes

2. Provide a brief report (a description and summary) of each panel (3-5 pages per panel) no later than July 1 to conference organizers. The goal of the note taker in each session should be to capture the general message(s) each panelist or speaker contributes to the discussion.

Note-takers will have full access to the conference (including a free free meals) as well as great educational and networking opportunities.

If interested please visit the Conference Website and email Foard Copeland ( with a brief bio (1 paragraph) and/or a copy of the resume/CV

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