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Prof. Kropp authors chapter in Handbook of Research on New Venture Creation

Fredric Kropp has a chapter published in the Handbook of Research on New Venture Creation, published by Edward Elgar. The chapter, “Cultural Context as a Moderator of Private Investment Behavior,” looks at the role of culture in how entrepreneurs are funded.

Prof. Dow Publishes two papers

Sandra Dow has published a paper in the Asia Pacific Journal of Management, Volume 28, Number 2, 299-323 (June 2011): “Disaggregating the group effect: Vertical and horizontal keiretsu in changing economic times” by Sandra Dow, Jean McGuire and Toru Yoshikaw.

She also published a second paper in the European Financial Review in February 2011: “Industrial Networks in Japan” Blessing or Curse?” by Sandra Down and Jean McGuire

MIIS Student and Co-Authors Accurately Described Bin Laden’s Compound Two Years Ago

Using bio-geographical theories and satellite imagery, Erika Mariano (MANPTS ’13), four fellow UCLA students, and geology professors Thomas Gillespie and John Agnew came to the conclusion that Osama bin Laden was most likely hiding in a walled compound in an urban area in central Pakistan. Their report, “Finding Osama bin Laden,” was published by the MIT International Review in February 2009.

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