Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011...3:59 pm

Introducing MonTRAC!

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The MonTRAC website has been launched in order to provide NPTS students with professional research opportunities.  MonTRAC, a student based initiative, encourages students to submit NPTS related work and projects with the prospect of having it peer reviewed by one of the terrorism professors as well as published on the site. Any work on this site will serve to represent exemplary pieces of writing for other students to emulate, as well as represent the quality of professors and students that MIIS is renown for.

Additionally, MonTRAC will serve as a channel for NPTS students to study terrorism through reliable and updated terrorism studies databases, read and review terrorism related blogs, and provides an opportunity for professors to see what students are interested in. MonTRAC will encourage participation from the student body, and encourage communication between students and their professors.

Please take a look at the MonTRAC site here!


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