Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011...2:10 pm

Internship Opportunity at The Offset Project – A Pacific Grove based non-profit!

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The Offset Project, a Pacific Grove-based nonprofit that focuses on reducing carbon emissions through local renewable energy projects and helping large regional events transition to zero-waste, is looking to hire two interns for 5 to 10 hours per week at the beginning of the school year. Interns will focus their energy on the upcoming Sustainable Hospitality and Tourism Conference, during which local and regional businesses will learn how to apply more sustainable practices in their field. The workshop series will be run in conjunction with the local Sustainability Academy, giving interns the opportunity to work with two local, active environmental organizations. The position is currently unpaid, but there is the possibility this could change in the future. It will be a great opportunity to not only learn about sustainable practices and implementing large-scale change in a community, but a chance to develop relationships with many of the region’s environmental leaders. cultivate a deeper sense of investment in the Monterey Peninsula, and have a ton of off-campus fun with people who share the same passion for sustainable business and the environment. It will truly change your experience at MIIS, which is largely about what you do outside of the classroom. If interested, please e-mail Kristin Cushman at kristin@offsetproject.org.

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