Friday, September 9th, 2011...2:54 pm

Professor Nuket Kardam to present September 29: “Who Is a Turk? – An Exploration into Identities” as part of the Dean’s Seminar Series

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Creating a nation requires a national myth that bonds the population together. National myths require rejecting parts of history that don’t fit, refashioning history in ways that do fit, or creating entirely new stories. This process has gone on in many nations around the world, and is, in a sense ,nothing new. What makes the creation of Turkish identity so interesting is that its accompanying myths embody dilemmas that are not just relevant to Turkey, but remain central to debates around the world about the West and Islam, about nationhood and ethnic identity, and about the balance between state hegemony and individual rights. This seminar will explore the question, “Who is a Turk?” in general and through Professor Kardam’s personal experience and perspective.


Open to the MIIS Community

Thursday, 9/29/2011


McGowan 100



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