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“Conference Environmental Diplomacy and Security in International Relations” on Peace and Collaborative Development Network

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Building Bridges, Networks and Expertise Across Sectors
From October 21-23, IEDS will host its inaugural conference, “Environmental Diplomacy and Security in International Relations”. This conference will focus on international conflicts over energy and environmental issues, where diplomacy cannot succeed without scientific knowledge. The conference will be structured around five symposia that will be used to highlight this theme:
  1. Polar Diplomacy: Energy, the Environment, and International Security
  2. Social Ecology of Borders: Environmental Regionalism and Globalization
  3. Beyond African “Exceptionalism”: Ecological Approaches to Improving the African Union
  4. Bridging Eurasia: Energy Infrastructure, Conservation, and Culture
  5. Chemical Diplomacy: Negotiating Treaties Around Hazardous Pollutants

Conference Environmental Diplomacy and Security in International Relations

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