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Student Council Officers

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Hello MIIS!

I wanted to congratulate those elected for the 2011/2012 Student Council. Below is the list of elected officials who are here to represent YOU. Although the MIIS Student Council blog is in the process of renovation, you may refer to site at for information on the members as well as upcoming events, and student council clubs.

Executive Officers
President: Yelena Altman
Vice President: Seiji Matsumoto
Treasurer: Andrew Clark
Secretary: Clevia Shin

Program Officers:
1st Year IPS: Britney Wehfritz
2nd Year IPS: Quinn Van Valer-Campbell
1st Year IEP: Amanda Bensel
2nd Year IEP: Jhon Arbelaez
1st Year MBA: Brit Byers
2nd Year MBA: Seungho Lee
2nd Year MPA: Alex Shaphren
1st Year NPTS: Molly Sherlock
2nd Year NPTS: Will Schlossberg
1st Year T&I:Neal Pierantoni
2nd Year T&I: Michaela McCaughney
2nd Year TLM: Melanie Lutz
1st Year TESOL/TFL: Kassie Clark
2nd Year TESOL/TFL: Heidi Laidemitt
1st Year CI: Jaffee Lu
1st Year BAIS: Michelle Bozarth

Activity Chairs:
Social Activities: Rory Stanley/ Alex Wells
Green Committee: Chelsea Haines
Community Outreach: Giovanna Kha Marino

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!
Yelena Altman

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