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Policy Writing Workshop

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Upcoming workshops:  November 18th through 20th, Taught by Adjunct Professor Eve Connell, MIIS alumna . Equipped with degrees in French literature, philosophy, and linguistics, and a professional background rooted in teaching undergrads and grads, coaching business professionals and teams, launching an art gallery, and serving as board chair for two nonprofit arts organizations, Eve Connell currently spends most billable hours writing, editing, and training for and with a variety of clients. Her specialties include training professionals of all walks of life in communication skills with particular focus on business writing, public speaking, and leadership development.


WKSH    8554       Policy Writing                     1 credit

Writing Skills for Policy is an intensive workshop created to provide students a foundation for writing common policy documents both in academic and professional venues. This workshop will offer practice and feedback for continuation and development of solid writing skills.

In order to promote effectiveness as a communicator via writing, students will be called upon to participate in various writing activities and assignments that require critical analysis of current policy problems and issues. Students will also be required to participate in discussions, peer review sessions, and self-critique, all in order to promote better policy writing skills. By the end of the workshop, participants should have a greater understanding of how to write some basic documents required of policy students and professionals, including an op-ed article, a policy memo, and a press release.

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