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Eleven MIIS Students Attend 2011 Net Impact Conference in Portland; Frontier Market Scouts Receive Mention At Social Venture Capital Session

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Eleven Monterey Institute students from the Graduate School of International Policy and Management attended the 2011 Net Impact Annual Conference in Portland, Oregon this past weekend. Two international undergraduate students from Middlebury also attended the 2,000+ person event spotlighting the unexpected places people find where good works.

Keynote speakers included Laord Michael Hastings, Head of Citizenship and Diversity at KPMG, Sally Jewell, President and CEO of REI, and Hannah Jones, VP of Sustainable Business and Innovation at Nike. The Monterey Institute’s Frontier Market Scouts program was featured at the Conference Expo,  also received several mentions during the panel, “Where Venture Meets Values: Venture Capital for Social Impact”. Merrill Csuri (MA IPS Conflict Resolution, ’09) also participated in the Conference Expo to further awareness of the United Nations-supported initiative, Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME).

 Conference attendees explored the following issues:

•Where creative problem solving and playful approaches can lead to serious solutions
•Where sustainable innovations were championed by those you least expect
•Where unlikely partnerships accelerate change
Join Net Impact as we bring our 19th annual conference to Portland, Oregon and discuss changing the world through business with 2,600 of our members and community friends.

The Net Impact conference attracts MBAs, undergraduates, and professionals from a variety of fields, including consultants, CSR practitioners, nonprofit leaders, and sustainability specialists. The Net Impact Conference is the world’s largest and most inspirational event for students and professionals using their business skills to create social and environmental good. We hope you’ll join us this fall.


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