Tuesday, November 15th, 2011...11:31 am

WKSH 8535 Negotiation and Mediation for Environmental Professionals This coming weekend. There is space available!

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WKSH 8543         Negotiation and Mediation for Environmental Professionals

Few, if not any, environmental issues can be solved without input and agreement from numerous stakeholders with differing values, education and background. Communicating effectively with these stakeholders is a skill that everyone cannot only learn, but master. This course introduces the theory and practice of negotiations, highlighting which negotiation technique fits each individual. Students will learn the various stages of negotiation, from pre-negotiation to negotiation proper to post-settlement negotiation. Students will also learn the skills it takes to properly mediate disputes. At the end of this course, students will be able to: succeed even when they think they are short of bargaining power; counter hardball tactics and tricks without compromising their personal ethics; build trust in working relationships; and decide when to compromise. Most importantly, through lectures, case studies, and role playing, students will become more comfortable practicing negotiation and mediation.

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