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Two Publications by Visiting Professor Scott Myers

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(Reposted from the GSTILE blog)

Scott E. Myers, visiting professor for the Chinese Translation and Interpretation department has two publications (English translations of Chinese texts) that came out this Fall:
The first is “Practicing Cheer: The Diary of a Low-Level Supervisor at a Walmart China Store,” which appears in Walmart in China, an edited volume from ILR Press (an imprint of Cornell University Press). Practicing Cheer is an English translation of the diary of a Walmart employee in China. It appears alongside an introduction coauthored by Professor Myers and Anita Chan, the editor of the book.
The second publication is an excerpt of Scott Myers’ English translation of Beijing Comrades, a contemporary Chinese novel by Bei Tong. This translation appears in the current issue of UCLA-based Amerasia Journal. Written in 1998, Beijing Comrades is mainland China’s first modern gay novel as well as its first e-novel. This translation is also preceded by an introduction written by the translator (Professor Myers).
Congratulations to Professor Myers for these accomplishments.

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