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Tech Tools and Skills for Emergency Management

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This four-week online professional development certificate course will explore how new communication and mapping technologies are being used to respond to disasters, create early warning mechanisms, improve coordination efforts and much more. From the earthquake recovery efforts in Haiti and Japan to the monitoring of election violence in countries like Kenya this course will consider a variety of real world examples from organizations working in the field and analyze some of the key challenges related to access, implementation, scale, and verification that working with new technology presents. The course is designed to assist professionals in developing concrete strategies and technological skills to work amid this rapidly evolving landscape. Find out more Here.

Course Topics

  • Mapping the Crisis: New Techniques for Disaster Response and Preparedness
  • Human Rights Violations and Elections Monitoring
  • The Power of the Crowd: Citizen Journalism in the era of Crowdsourcing
  • Information Overload: Verification, Analysis, and Decision Making in Real-Time.

Technical Skills: Participants will learn how to utilize the following platforms and technologies:

  • Ushahidi
  • FrontlineSMS
  • Open Street Map
  • Sahana
  • Basic GIS for Humanitarian and Crisis Response



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