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Video Highlights Team El Salvador’s Workplace

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While a global solution to our climate change crisis remains elusive, Team El Salvador’s US partner, EcoViva, and their in country partners in El Salvador are already responding to the impacts of extreme weather conditions. Please watch and share this short video showing the incredible ways our partners are using community organizing to cool the planet. 

Through years of grassroots organizing, local partners La Coordinadora del Bajo Lempa and the Mangrove Association are finding ways to overcome the worst impacts of climate change now. They have been working with local farmers to implement climate-smart agriculture to overcome extreme droughts and rainfall. They are pioneering community-led solutions to protect and restore the most pristine mangrove forest left in Central America, which store up to four times the carbon that tropical rainforests do.

Learn more about Team El Salvador  (formerly “Team Monterey”) at the Monterey Institute.

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