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Joint Japan/World Bank Scholarship Program

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Japanese Nationals’ Program
The JJ/WBGSP provides support to a limited number of Japanese young professionals aiming to work in development. Most scholarships are awarded to applicants planning to work in international development organizations. A fewer number of scholarships are awarded to applicants already working in Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and planning to return to NGO work after completing their studies. For all Japanese candidates, the JJ/WBGSP supports study related to development at the doctoral or master’s level, in fields such as economics, finance, planning, health, population, agriculture, environment and natural resource management, education, and other development-related subjects. However, the scholarship is awarded for a two-year maximum duration. Candidates may be already enrolled in their study program at the time of application.

To get information on the Japanese Nationals Program in Japanese, please follow this link.


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